Written by: Doni susanto

The amount of vehicle in Indonesia is huge, which mostly consist of private vehicle.There are two main factors which cause it, first, people can buy a car or motorcycle easily, they just need to pay the down payment and can take it to their home after that pay it monthly by credit. Second the prestige of using private vehicle is high and in Indonesia, having our own vehicle such as car or motorcycle is showing the success of our career, but because of that pollution rate in Indonesia now is in critical condition which also cause our ozone thinner and the weather hotter, even world bank research has put us as the third country in the world which has highest rate of pollution, ironically, we are the country which has large amount of trees. .

moreover some of big city in Indonesia are facing new problem, what is that? TRAFFIC JAM.

Traffic jam now is the biggest trouble for some cities in Indonesia; there are so many disadvantages of traffic jam, it could waste our time. Meanwhile in this era time is really expensive, if we can’t manage our time well then our life will not go forward. Moreover ladies and gentlemen, traffic jam has a big role in making us stressful and disturb our health, don’t you realize it? Let me give you an example, When you want to go to the office or school and you’re in hurry but unfortunately traffic jam block your way, sometimes when we are in a rush condition we couldn’t hold our emotion, indirectly it will increase our blood pressure which is not good for our health, in addition we must spend more cost for the fuel of our vehicle. Can you survive on that situation?

For me myself I’ll try to reduce the usage of my private vehicle and turn to public transportation which is more efficient. Let me tell you the advantages of using public transportation. First you can save the money because you just need to pay some thousands of rupiahs better than you use vehicle and buy fuel which is quite expensive, indirectly you have role in reducing the rate of traffic because when you use public transportation means you will not use your private vehicle at least one vehicle has gone from the street, simple…, but meaningful.

See Japan as example though they are country which consist of big manufacturer of car or motorcycle in this world, doesn’t mean all of the street there full of private vehicle, people there prefer to use public transportation and walk to their school or office which make Japan free from traffic and pollution. In there we’ll just see the ‘HUMAN SEA’ not ‘VEHICLE SEA’ likes in Indonesia.

Imagine it when all of people turn to public transportation, there will be no traffic jam, pollution and other negative effects from private vehicle. In addition you will be healthier because of course you have to walk to bus stop or a place where public transportation exist in order to use it.Even though our public transportation system is quite mess, doesn’t mean you have reason to do not use it, trust me when you all guys start to use public transportation our government will be more aware to repair the system of public transportation. Ladies and gentlemen, let’s leave your private vehicle and turn to public transportation for healthier and efficient life. Thank you

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