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Written by: Doni susanto

New Year is not about firework party

New Year is not about to have fun

New Year is the situation where you can deeply muse what yourself was in previous year, deeply muse what good or bad things you did and this is the exact time for you to deeply muse what should be change in your self. It’s important to evaluate your self, so you can rectify or even change something bad to be better in this New Year.Now, do you have reflection about what should be change in your self? I thought, the most crucial thing is your character, because character is the benchmark to know who you are. So if you have bad character would it be good for your self? Not at all, it will make you difficult to improve your self. So what should you do is to change it.

Let me give you some example of bad character


Pessimism is a major obstacle for people to accept the challenge. People who have been infected with the pessimist virus always felt life is fraught with difficulties. Fear and doubt always be close friend for pessimist which make them lose their confidence to start the changes or even to chase their dream.


Lazy is like a “disease”if you let it be, it can spread out and within no time it can limit you. You can’t do everything freely like usual. It also same like lazy if you let it be it can conquer you. It will dies out your spirit to do something. Do you want to let “lazy” conquer your self?  I’m sure absolutely not. So you must counter it.


Complacent is a feeling that make us feel already succeed. Have you ever felt succeed?

Maybe almost of people say it’s difficult to change our character, but it’s not impossible, is it? No matter how hard it is, just try. Keep your mind on positive thoughts, then your life will be moving on that direction.

Don’t let people underestimate you. Let’s start the changes from now, from this New Year to make new you.Remember in the future the challenges will be harder than before. If you couldn’t change your self,don’t hope to gain any betterment and achievement in your life.

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