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The famous Egypt slave


Once upon a time there was a slave from Egypt who could escaped from a slave camp owned by pharaoh. In that slave camp he was treated unproperly, all of his right as a human was taken  by pharaoh. Couldn’t survive again in that situation he tried to found some ways to escape from the slave camp, it was not easy for him to escape from that place because it had so many security guard that always go surrounding the camp, in the first trial that slave almost succeed to escape from the camp but unfortunately he was caught by the security guard which gave him some punishment. Read the rest of this entry



Once upon a time there was alive gembrot, he is the fattest  also the richest person  in his village Vrindavan. In the same village there was alive too, the thinnest and the poorest person in Vrindavan named ceking.

Gembrot as the richest person in his village has so many assets, start from crop field, sugar plant, big and luxury house and many other assets that can’t be told one by one. Not only that, gembrot also has 3 wives with beautiful face named Kharisma, Ciptawaty, and Agdila. The strange thing is that three of them are siblings. They actually didn’t want to marry with gembrot but because of their family has so much debt with gembrot and they couldn’t pay it so to make it clear gembrot forced Charisma, Ciptawaty, and Agdila to married with him. Read the rest of this entry