Once upon a time there was alive gembrot, he is the fattest  also the richest person  in his village Vrindavan. In the same village there was alive too, the thinnest and the poorest person in Vrindavan named ceking.

Gembrot as the richest person in his village has so many assets, start from crop field, sugar plant, big and luxury house and many other assets that can’t be told one by one. Not only that, gembrot also has 3 wives with beautiful face named Kharisma, Ciptawaty, and Agdila. The strange thing is that three of them are siblings. They actually didn’t want to marry with gembrot but because of their family has so much debt with gembrot and they couldn’t pay it so to make it clear gembrot forced Charisma, Ciptawaty, and Agdila to married with him.

Different 180 degrees with gembrot’s life, ceking’s life is really hopeless and full of misery, he lived in an old and small house, his job was a farmer with low wages. Ceking’s life was becoming more precipitous after his mother got terrible sick and need to be cured in hospital, but because Ceking’s job was just farmer with low income, he couldn’t bring his mother to hospital. He had initiative to borrow money from Gembrot, after he got the money he brought his mother to hospital, his mother stayed at hospital around one month but unfortunately ceking’s mother couldn’t be helped by medic even. After his mother passed away, he had to think about the hospital cost, it was large amount, without think again, Ceking borrow money again from gembrot.

After his all problem finish. The new problem come again,  debt with Gembrot should be paid count with the interest. Gembrot always force Ceking to pay his debt, but as we know Ceking’s job didn’t give him big wage. Gembrot that couldn’t hold his emotion again pay someone to kill ceking, and that person (Gembrot’s subordinate) run his mission by burning Ceking’s house in the midnight when Ceking had been slept. Within no time the fire engulfed all of part in Ceking’s house. Fortunately Ceking woke up and realized that his house was burnt by fire. He directly went out from his house and with his luck he can out from his house and because he was full of fear he run without think about where direction did he go, until he arrive in a place where  even he has never going before. He sat down on the ground while he was crying strongly, he feel like want to explode, as disaster always hit him start from his mother that passed away, and now the only thing that really important for him has gone.

Back to gembrot, after he knowed Ceking’s house had been burnt, he laughed loudly in quite long time but suddenly he stop laughing and he collapsed, seeing that his wives bring him to hospital and doctor diagnosed him as stroke sufferer. After that, all of gembrot’s assets and money decrease time by time as cost for his cure.

Meanwhile after he trapped in a forest, Ceking keep going to find the way for him to go out from that place, fortunately he could find it and he get in to a place where all the people are graceful and welcome to him. In there he got good job with better payment and enough for him, he also met a girl and felt in love with that girl, and they got married. Ceking’s life now really complete with the presence of his son.

Without forgetting his home village, he back again to his village, and he really shock to found Gembrot that the richest person in his village now is really suffer with so many debts and stroke that still catch him. Luckily his wives really care to him, they always take care of him. Ceking, though he had ever been injured by Gembrot still has empathy with gembrot’s misery. He helped Gembrot by giving him money. Actually Ceking had known that the one who burnt his house was Gembrot. But with his humble heart and full of forgiveness, he forgave all of gembrot’s mistake to him.

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