ImageWritten by: Doni susanto

“I failed in some subjects in exam but my friend passed in all, now he is an engineer in Microsoft and I’m the owner of Microsoft”

Do you know where that sentence came from? That sentence was coming from the founder of Microsoft and the richest human in this world, BILL GATES. What is your opinion about this sentence? Arrogant, contemptuous, or a mocking. Before you say those words you should analyze what message does bill gates want to tell to you, he wanted to tell you don’t think about your exam result because it will not decide what will you be in the future .
Talking about exam, we can’t get away from UN or national examination, UN always held every year whether for junior or senior high school. UN is not an ordinary exam, it is the key for students to graduate from their school, it just like final destination of their study in the school. Because of that UN is really important for students and when they fail in UN means they have to repeat again next year, that’s the reason why every students do everything to pass from this exam start by doing extra hour lesson or ask private teacher to teach them, they sacrifice everything money, time for them to play with their peer.

Not only students, teachers also try harder to make sure their students pass the UN like giving them extra hour lesson. That is not an easy job for students or even for teacher. Example for students in senior high school they have to review all of the material from grade 10 until 12 and it’s not enough if they just do it in the class, because they have to understand it too, practice to do some questions which related to the material.

The problem now is every student has their own favorite subject and they are master in it, it would be good if they love math, physic or other subjects which be tested in UN, they will have big spirit and motivation because they do what they love, how about student who doesn’t like those subjects can they have same spirit or motivation like those students who like it?

Every student have different potential that cannot be seen just by their UN result, maybe they like music or art and they have potential in it and difficult for them to develop it because their school might force them to focus on UN subjects. Meanwhile if they can develop their potential, it’ll be useful for their future.

UN has given students big pressure with all of the requirements, not often there is always news about students who did suicide because they don’t pass the UN. Moreover the news about cheating always exist after national examination has been conducted, this is the result of unconfident feeling and pressure for passing the examination.

Such of think was absolutely unthinkable. Those are the result from making UN as the benchmark for students to graduate, it makes as if the studying process for 3 years just use to prepare students for facing UN not for their future. How about the purpose of education to develop the potential of students and can we do it if we still use UN as benchmark to graduate from school? Which just use particular subjects.

I think National examination should be used as evaluation only not used as benchmark to graduate from school. For the standard of graduation, we have to give the right to school to decide it based on the track record of the students from grade 10 till 12.

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