Written by: Doni susanto

Every year in SMAN SUMATERA SELATAN there is always IGCSE exams. This year will be the fifth year the IGCSE exam is conducted. English and Math are subjects that surely we will join, but now I’ll just talk about English. There is one thing that always repeated in English IGCSE exam in this school every year, that is; our highest result in English IGCSE exam is always B start from first intake until the latest, fourth intake. There must be something that influences it, unfaithful thought. Now let me drop you a line about it.

It’s difficult to get B in this exam and mostly the students who get B in this school have good English skills start from speaking, listening, or even writing. This fact, sometimes can brake our ambition to get A or even A* because it creates a thought “even the one who got B score is a good English skill’s student, how about me I’m just a beginner that has an ambition to get higher than B, it’s too unrealistic”. I can state that because it happened to me too. But after I read this story, my paradigm is changed. That story is coming from Roger Bannister.

Before 1954 in athletic, some experts said that it was impossible for runners to run a mile in less than four minutes. Even they did sorts of deep studies to show that was impossible to beat the four minutes barrier. And for years they were right, nobody ever ran a mile in less than four minutes. But a young man came who didn’t believe with the experts’ opinion. He began to train, believing that he was going to break the experts’ statement. Surely, in 6th May 1954 he proved it. He did what the experts said couldn’t be done. He just needed 3:59:4 minutes to broke the experts’ statement. His name is Roger Bannister. The interesting thing about his story is within one year, 317 other runners could break it too.What I get from this story is why runners before Roger Bannister couldn’t break it, because they believed what the experts’ said. It created the thought that it was impossible for them to run a mile in less than four minutes.

We couldn’t get more than B is not because of our English skill isn’t good. But it’s because of our faith to get more than B is not strong or low. Let us see Roger Bannister’s story, he came with strong faith that he can broke the experts’ statement, then you can see it right finally he can broke it. We can learn that if we want to chase something we must have strong faith that we can make it. And I believe too, that we can get A or even A* if we have strong faith to get it.

For the readers, you can take general message from this article, so when you have a dream you must have strong faith to get it and strong believe that you can make it.

“Let’s say : A* for OUR EXAMS”


“There is no success without sacrifices and there is no success without willingness.”



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